Welcome to the Call Family

Welcome to our family’s history! We are keeping this online record of our family’s story beginning in August 2013–the date of our first official Call Family Reunion. We will be updating our comings and goings each week and month, and we hope our immediate and extended families, as well as our friends and associates, will enjoy reading about our adventures!


Friends from My Youth

Some of you may remember stories I’ve shared about my Scoutmaster and deacon quorum adviser, Jim Hench. He and his wife Louisa joined the Church when I was a deacon and our two families quickly became friends. They were a young couple and had two little children at the time.

As the deacon quorum president, I spent a lot of time with Brother Hench in many settings, including camp outs and Mutual and quorum activities. I’m not sure why, but it seems like I spent a lot of time with them outside of these activities as well–I remember riding in the car with Sister Hench and the kids to various meetings or to complete various tasks, being in their home and looking at photo albums, and many other activities.  Brother and Sister Hench had a significant role in shaping me and helping me become a better person.

Mom and me with Jim and Louisa Hench at the Blue Sage Restaurant in Hamilton, MO

The Hench family moved away in my mid-teen years because Jim had accepted a job in Baltimore. But our families remained good friends, and he even hired Grandpa Call as a salesman after I had left on my mission. I believe they attended the open house Mom and I had in West Chester after we were married, but that was pretty much the last time I had contact with them. That is, until I connected with Louisa on Facebook a few months ago. (Other members of my family had stayed in contact with them, but I hadn’t.)

A few weeks ago, Louisa messaged me on Facebook, saying she and Jim were going to be in our area and wondered if we wanted to get together. Of course we did! And so, last night, Mom and I met them at the Blue Sage in Hamilton. We had a wonderful time sharing memories and getting updates. I am so grateful for them and for this opportunity to see them again.


Chance Meet with Alex Baugh

As I posted earlier, Alex Baugh from BYU came out to Missouri this past weekend as part of a tour he was doing with some students and faculty from Stanford University. He also spoke at the first David Whitmer Community Service Award Symposium, so Mom and I were able to visit with him for just a few minutes before his presentation. After his presentation, he had to run off to continue his tour.

The next day, I was scheduled to visit the Cameron 1st Ward for their fast & testimony meeting. Sitting on the stand before the meeting, Bishop Anderson leaned over to me and told me they had a group of visitors from California sitting in the back. Lo and behold, it was Alex and his group!

Me and Alex Baugh in the foyer of the Cameron building

After a very edifying testimony meeting (in which a couple of the visitors shared their testimonies), Alex and I were able to visit for a few minutes. Truman Pratt was also there, and he has known Alex for many years ever since he and his family lived in Utah.  The three of us had a great time visiting in the foyer before we were off to our next meetings.  Before we split up, Alex said he had to get a picture of us to show to Bob, who was teaching his first class as an adjunct faculty member at BYU this week. What a great guy!


Call Family Eclipse Reunion

We were so happy to have everyone here for our 2017 Call Family Eclipse Reunion!

It started when Bob and Rachel & Anthony arrived on Thursday afternoon, 17 August 2017. Later that night, Mary Ann flew in from Los Angeles. What a great thing it was to have everyone together!

We were able to rent a house in Hamilton to help ease the bedroom and bathroom shortage, and that seemed to be a good thing. 🙂 Bob, John, and Rachel & Anthony stayed there while Rebecca, Mary, and Mom & I stayed here at the house. Definitely the way to go for future reunions!

We had a lot of fun sharing memories, shopping, playing games, target shooting, ate some Hank ‘n Tank’s BB!, and. . .best of all. . .seeing the total solar eclipse!

The blue line going across this map is the track of the eclipse. Directly over our property!

The eclipse was the first one in decades–or possibly longer (I’ve heard lots claims on time periods)–that the total eclipse traveled from coast to coast in the U.S. But to make this experience even MORE wonderful, the eclipse went directly over our property! I learned about the coming eclipse back on 2016, and I imagined it would be great to everyone here. And it was!

The eclipse was on Monday, 21 August, shortly after 1 p.m. We were hoping for clear skies, but there was drizzle off and on throughout the morning. John had his telescope and camera all set to record the event, but the rain kept us wondering if we’d get to have the full experience. Fortunately, the rain stopped and the clouds broke just as the eclipse was starting to come into totality. We marveled at the incredible change in the sky and the entire world around us. Crickets started chirping, birds starting singing, and Chewie was a bit confused. The sky darkened. Stars came out. And for the next two minutes and 40 seconds we couldn’t believe our eyes. It was truly an amazing experience!

We are so grateful everyone was able to come to this reunion. Expect more pictures and video to be posted later!




My New Apartment

A couple of weeks ago I got all my belongings moved down to my new apartment in Provo. It is a very nice place that just opened up this spring so everything is new and practically unused! The apartments are called Central Park Station and are on the south end of Provo just a couple of blocks from the FrontRunner station. The apartment has a decent sized kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, and two full bathrooms. It also has a washer and dryer! I’ve set up my office in the second bedroom and it is so much nicer to have a separate space for work rather than a corner in my bedroom or the living room. There is a great view of the mountains, the Y, and the Provo City Center Temple from the bedrooms and the balcony. The place isn’t completely furnished yet, but I’ll be getting furniture for the living room soon. Rachel and Anthony gave me their old desk and some stools for the kitchen! Thank you! While I miss Logan’s atmosphere—it is much more my pace than larger cities—it is good to be closer to some friends and much more convenient for work (especially since I’ll be teaching that class at BYU in the fall).

This is the second bedroom I’m using as an office. It is so nice having a separate space for work!


The kitchen came with all the appliances, including a washer!


The living room is good sized and connects to a porch.


From my bedroom window I can see the Y and the Provo City Center Temple.


The closet in my bedroom is good sized and connects into the bathroom. There is a second bathroom in the hallway.


View of the mountains. You can see the top of the Provo City Center Temple on the left.


Here is the view at night. You can see the Y on the mountain and the Provo City Center Temple on the left.

Week of Missionaries

Our stake has about 30 to 40 proselyting missionaries serving at any given time, plus Young Church-Service Missionaries and other Church Service Missionaries. This week I set apart three missionaries and released one—it’s been a busy week for sure!

On Tuesday night I set apart Alex Durfee, who is going to Mary Ann’s mission–the California Carlsbad Mission!
On Wednesday I released Sean Ruuskanen, who returned from the California Long Beach Mission.
On Thursday I set apart Natalie Marble, who was assigned to serve in the California Rancho Cucamonga Mission.
And finally, on Friday I set apart Alex Argyle, who will be serving in the Utah Orem Mission.

Shark Week Premiere

This week John and I traveled into the city to see this year’s Shark Week premiere on the big screen. What an awesome experience! It was shown as a Fathom Event, which we’ve really enjoyed over the past few years. Especially since there seems to be so few people there each time we go, so we get a really good selection on seats. 🙂

The show itself was pretty much two Discovery Channel productions on the silver screen. We sat pretty close to get and I wore the hat they gave us. 🙂

We had almost the entire theater to ourselves. Love it when that happens!
It was really awesome to see this on the big screen



It’s Official!

Thank you all so much for your love and support this year. For listening to me as I panicked about exams, clinicals, and boards and telling me that everything would be just fine. I couldn’t have done this without all of you loving and encouraging me all along the way.

Today I received my license number from the State Board of Nursing, and it’s just so hard to believe that I’m really a nurse!


Rebecca Passes NCLEX! Now an LPN!

Rebecca has been working SO hard over the past year to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, taking courses, doing clinicals, and studying so very hard. She has sacrificed so many hours and succeeded in so many exams! She has awakened early to study, given up weekends of relaxation, and stayed up late.

Rebecca completed the nursing program and was voted by her classmates for the Florence Nightingale Award because she best exemplifies the characteristics of a successful nurse!

And then there was only one more step. . .she had to become board certified in order to be official and work as an LPN. She studied so hard and took the National Council Licensure Examination on Thursday, then checked online several times a day for the next two days to see if she passed. She was so worried because her further studies to become a Registered Nurse hinged passing this exam.

Then, late in the afternoon, she discovered the wonderful news we had all been praying for: she passed the exam!

Congratulations, Rebecca! We couldn’t be more proud of you!

Ever wonder what extreme relief and simultaneous extreme joy look like? Here it is!
Rebecca was so overcome she was crying!

Houston Cousins at Youth Conference

This year, the Houston Texas West Stake joined the Far West Missouri Stake for youth conference! Although Uncle Darryn was not able to come, his three youngest–Christopher, Geoffrey, and Jonathan–were there. And because John is in the stake Young Men presidency, he is at youth conference as well.

They arrived last night (11 July) and today was the opening devotional. This is the one event I am participating in, so I was able to see my nephews and visit with them and John for a while. It was great to see them!

The weather cooperated on the first day of youth conference. Although it was hot and humid, there was a very nice breeze that made our outdoor meeting quite bearable.
These four cousins are going to have fun!

Chewie is a Herder

There’s no question that John’s new(er) pet is a herder. He not only has tried to herd people (as in us), but–we’ve learned–he herds stuff.

Yeah. Stuff.

The other day I noticed a bunch of stuff on the lawn as I looked out my office window.

Hmmm. . .looks like Chewie has been at work.

And later, I watched as Chewie did his thing.

Chewie hard at work herding stuff.
. . .and more. . .
Okay. Now he’s got it all gathered.