January Catch Up

Well, I haven’t blogged in a long time, so I thought I should check in. 🙂 We’re doing great here! We’ve both just been plugging away at work, which is going really well for both of us, which is a blessing. It’s amazing how the Lord has made it possible for me to work from home by continuing to provide work opportunities.

Anthony is doing great in school. He just aced a class that was the second half of a subject, and he hasn’t taken the first half, so that was amazing! He’s taking an online class for this module, so he’s excited that he won’t even have to go to campus for four weeks. Today he got called and set apart as a home teaching district supervisor, which he’ll be great at!

A few weeks ago I found an awesome deal on KSL Classifieds for a cherry-colored sleigh bed in great condition so we jumped on it. We had to drive up to Sugar House and take two cars. Miraculously, we fit all four pieces of the bed into our cars, although I was really nervous to drive home with the headboard jabbing into my shoulder! But, we made it and got it all set up and it looks great.


Last weekend we had planned to spend Saturday in Park City. We love to go up there and just walk down the old main street, browse the shops, get dinner and take in the beautiful scenery. But, we only got a few miles up Provo Canyon when we ran into a blizzard. The roads were really bad and the visibility horrible, even though we just got a light dusting of snow in the valley. Deciding we didn’t want to slide off the road into another fence, we decided to turn around and try again another time. So while we didn’t make it to Park City it was an adventure!

On Friday, we got together with Rebecca and Bob and went to Pizza Factory for dinner and then Cocoa Bean for dessert to celebrate Rebecca’s birthday. It was really fun and I love having two siblings so close (wish we could be closer to everyone though)!

Saturday was our stake’s women’s conference, which was wonderful. I went to a workshop on meal planning and how to save time cooking and one on family history, both of which were great. The speaker was Brad Wilcox, who is an author and BYU teacher and is currently on the General Sunday School Board. He was an excellent speaker and the whole conference was a great experience.



Still Snowed In

We didn’t get a ton of snow yesterday and today, but we did once again get a lot of wind. And that means snow drifts. Great big ones that are hard to drive through. Fortunately, Mutual was cancelled, Mary Ann didn’t have to go in to work, and I was able to avoid going to Liberty for interviews tonight. So we are snowed in, although it is at least partially self-imposed!

We’ll see what sort of weather tomorrow brings. . .


Snowing in Grape Grove

Here at our home in Grape Grove Township, we are having a beautiful snow storm. It started early this morning and has continued all day. Mary Ann and other employees were sent home early from work because of all the snow, and the local school

This is the view out my home office window, looking north-northeast.
This is the view out my home office window, looking north-northeast.

district is closed today.

I love how beautiful it is, but we’re ready for spring!