Hi everyone, it’s been quite a while since I posted so I thought I’d give a little update. Nursing school is so hard! It’s keeping me really busy. Way busier than when I was working on my bachelor’s or anything else. I’m so grateful for it though. In just a few weeks we’ll have our level 2 finals, then we’ll be on to the third and final level. I’ll be ready to take boards by July. Last December, several colleges came to recruiting for their RN programs. One in particular caught my eye. In 2 semesters, you can bridge from your PN license to an RN. It’s affordable, reputable, and seemed like a good idea. I studied for and took the entrance exam in January, got my application together, and this month I was accepted into the program! I will have to take about 8 credits over the summer before I can start, but after that it shouldn’t be too bad.  A full load of classes in the fall, then about 10 credits the following semester, and I’ll be ready to take boards again early summer 2018. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can find a way to get these summer classes taken care of. Love you all!


We Love our Far West Missionaries

Our stake has been blessed with absolutely terrific missionaries! President Vest, Grandmother and Grandpa Call’s good friend, is certainly inspired regarding which ones to send to us!

We had this picture taken after our last zone conference and gave copies of it to each missionary. But we had to wait until the following week so that we could include the new Three Forks Ward in the map of our stake.

Sometimes I think we have the best missionaries in the world right here in our stake! Sister Bleak and Sister Brinegar, seated on the right, are assigned to the Crooked River Ward.

Elder Call and President Call

A month or two ago, the Far West zone in the Missouri Independence Mission received a new zone leader: Elder Call. He and I visited after a meeting one night and said that we needed to figure out how we were related.

The next time I saw him, he said, “Do you know an Ellis Heber Call?” Turns out that Elder Andrew Call’s dad is Brad Call–Uncle E.H.’s son!

After the zone conference today, Elder Call asked if he could have a picture taken with me–to which I readily agreed, of course!

My first cousin once removed, Elder Andrew Call, after a zone conference. He definitely has those Call good looks! 🙂



Storm Prolongs Missionary Visit

So, last night we had the sister missionaries over for dinner. Mom’s been signing us up lately for these dinners, partly because it helps us feel like we’re doing more to support the missionaries, and partly because we know how grateful we were when our own kids were on their missions and members took care of them.

About two minutes after the missionaries left, we they called and said there was a storm coming and they were supposed to get inside immediately–so could they come back to our house? Of course they could!

So, for the next hour or two, we enjoyed visiting while we kept an eye on the tornado watches–and the tornado warning. We enjoyed it so much that I just had to take a picture of Sister Brinegar pointing out where our house is when the Doppler radar was showing the storm about to bear down on us! 🙂

But, like most storms in this area, this one passed over us without any damage to our farm.

Sister Brinegar showing that the storm is about to hit RIGHT where we live!
Sister Brinegar and Sister Bleak, two of the best missionaries in the Missouri Independence Mission. 🙂