My New Apartment

A couple of weeks ago I got all my belongings moved down to my new apartment in Provo. It is a very nice place that just opened up this spring so everything is new and practically unused! The apartments are called Central Park Station and are on the south end of Provo just a couple of blocks from the FrontRunner station. The apartment has a decent sized kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, and two full bathrooms. It also has a washer and dryer! I’ve set up my office in the second bedroom and it is so much nicer to have a separate space for work rather than a corner in my bedroom or the living room. There is a great view of the mountains, the Y, and the Provo City Center Temple from the bedrooms and the balcony. The place isn’t completely furnished yet, but I’ll be getting furniture for the living room soon. Rachel and Anthony gave me their old desk and some stools for the kitchen! Thank you! While I miss Logan’s atmosphere—it is much more my pace than larger cities—it is good to be closer to some friends and much more convenient for work (especially since I’ll be teaching that class at BYU in the fall).

This is the second bedroom I’m using as an office. It is so nice having a separate space for work!


The kitchen came with all the appliances, including a washer!


The living room is good sized and connects to a porch.


From my bedroom window I can see the Y and the Provo City Center Temple.


The closet in my bedroom is good sized and connects into the bathroom. There is a second bathroom in the hallway.


View of the mountains. You can see the top of the Provo City Center Temple on the left.


Here is the view at night. You can see the Y on the mountain and the Provo City Center Temple on the left.

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