Call Family Eclipse Reunion

We were so happy to have everyone here for our 2017 Call Family Eclipse Reunion!

It started when Bob and Rachel & Anthony arrived on Thursday afternoon, 17 August 2017. Later that night, Mary Ann flew in from Los Angeles. What a great thing it was to have everyone together!

We were able to rent a house in Hamilton to help ease the bedroom and bathroom shortage, and that seemed to be a good thing. 🙂 Bob, John, and Rachel & Anthony stayed there while Rebecca, Mary, and Mom & I stayed here at the house. Definitely the way to go for future reunions!

We had a lot of fun sharing memories, shopping, playing games, target shooting, ate some Hank ‘n Tank’s BB!, and. . .best of all. . .seeing the total solar eclipse!

The blue line going across this map is the track of the eclipse. Directly over our property!

The eclipse was the first one in decades–or possibly longer (I’ve heard lots claims on time periods)–that the total eclipse traveled from coast to coast in the U.S. But to make this experience even MORE wonderful, the eclipse went directly over our property! I learned about the coming eclipse back on 2016, and I imagined it would be great to everyone here. And it was!

The eclipse was on Monday, 21 August, shortly after 1 p.m. We were hoping for clear skies, but there was drizzle off and on throughout the morning. John had his telescope and camera all set to record the event, but the rain kept us wondering if we’d get to have the full experience. Fortunately, the rain stopped and the clouds broke just as the eclipse was starting to come into totality. We marveled at the incredible change in the sky and the entire world around us. Crickets started chirping, birds starting singing, and Chewie was a bit confused. The sky darkened. Stars came out. And for the next two minutes and 40 seconds we couldn’t believe our eyes. It was truly an amazing experience!

We are so grateful everyone was able to come to this reunion. Expect more pictures and video to be posted later!




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