Friends from My Youth

Some of you may remember stories I’ve shared about my Scoutmaster and deacon quorum adviser, Jim Hench. He and his wife Louisa joined the Church when I was a deacon and our two families quickly became friends. They were a young couple and had two little children at the time.

As the deacon quorum president, I spent a lot of time with Brother Hench in many settings, including camp outs and Mutual and quorum activities. I’m not sure why, but it seems like I spent a lot of time with them outside of these activities as well–I remember riding in the car with Sister Hench and the kids to various meetings or to complete various tasks, being in their home and looking at photo albums, and many other activities.  Brother and Sister Hench had a significant role in shaping me and helping me become a better person.

Mom and me with Jim and Louisa Hench at the Blue Sage Restaurant in Hamilton, MO

The Hench family moved away in my mid-teen years because Jim had accepted a job in Baltimore. But our families remained good friends, and he even hired Grandpa Call as a salesman after I had left on my mission. I believe they attended the open house Mom and I had in West Chester after we were married, but that was pretty much the last time I had contact with them. That is, until I connected with Louisa on Facebook a few months ago. (Other members of my family had stayed in contact with them, but I hadn’t.)

A few weeks ago, Louisa messaged me on Facebook, saying she and Jim were going to be in our area and wondered if we wanted to get together. Of course we did! And so, last night, Mom and I met them at the Blue Sage in Hamilton. We had a wonderful time sharing memories and getting updates. I am so grateful for them and for this opportunity to see them again.


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