Weekend Topped Off with Inspiring Performance

After months of promising to take Mom on a weekend excursion–and telling her it would come after I finished my dissertation–we finally were able to get away for three days. We stayed at the wonderful Marydale Inn in Jameson (near Gallatin). It’s owned by some members of the stake and it is an absolutely beautiful place. We have been staying there when we have stake conference because it’s only about a 10-minute drive from the stake center. . .but it’s worth just staying there for a weekend getaway because it’s so tranquil and relaxing!

Mom and I had a great time just doing nothing. 🙂 We also had a great time going to all the antique stores in Jamesport and discovering other places as well, including an Amish furniture store and a family cheese factory and outlet.  It was really relaxing to have nothing to do!

On Saturday, 9 December, our final activity was to attend a concert by the Grand River Valley Choir & Orchestra in Trenton. We had heard about it from several people, and quite a few of our stake members are in it. So we decided to go enjoy a Christmas concert. We are really glad we went! Both the choir and the orchestra were really, really excellent and inspiring.

The Grand River Valley Choir & Orchestra’s Christmas concert was wonderful!
We have friends in both the orchestra and in the choir

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